At Victory Outreach Church of West Philadelphia, we recognize and understand that parents have a desire to see their children raised up in a loving home, but they also want to attend a church where their children can experience the love of God at an early age and grow in their faith as they get older.

We have two very special and unique ministries here at VOWP, to meet those desires you have for the youth in your family, We want to introduce you to our KIDZ G.A.N.G and Youth G.A.N.G!


At VOWP, we know Sunday school is an important part of your child’s faith and development and if you have children from ages 3-10 we want to welcome them to our VOWP KIDZ G.A.N.G!

KIDZ G.A.N.G (Gods Anointed Next Generation) is open during every service and event and is specifically designed and structured to help your child experience God’s love with age-appropriate, faith–developing activities.

Every service, our team of KIDZ GANG Destiny Shapers dedicate themselves to investing in the lives of our children with exciting worship services, creative biblical teachings, and an atmosphere of fun and excitement.

Youth G.A.N.G (Gods Anointed Now Generation)

At VOWP, we have dedicated much of our ministry to developing the personal lives of young people. We have innovative strategies to reach teens in today’s tumultuous environments.

While parents of every generation have experienced angst over their young, the things threatening today’s teens is unparalleled in history. Victory Outreach has risen to this challenge with an unprecedented strategy: God’s Anointed Now Generation. Reaching a wide spectrum of young people, from urban youth to church kids, these youths are unified in vision.

The youth of Victory Outreach are highly committed to evangelism, bible study, and prayer. The zeal of these youths attracts other youths and motivates even the most seasoned church member.  The youth of our church are the future leaders of our ministry and movement, and are heavily involved in services and other areas of our ministry, including having their own weekly youth ran worship services. The name “God’s Anointed Now Generation” exemplifies this by challenging teens to develop their leadership potential now. Youths develop a sense of urgency to prepare them for the future by making positive steps today.

Welcome to the VOWP Family!!